Monthly Archives: December 2007

Travian Plus, have you any gold, buying the end game

Having “battled” through a Travian sever I am well aware of just how competitive it can get as the game draws to a close (The End Game). I saw cheating on a grand scale. Players with multiple accounts. The GF … Continue reading

Mass Effect – Game of the Year

  If your in anyway into your console RPG’s, you’ed of realized as i have that up to now the Xbox 360 really hasn’t unleashed many jems in the genre. Sure we had Oblivion but outside that the rest were … Continue reading

Ass-assins Creed Review

Its finally arrived, after months and months of drooling over screenshots, gameplay vids and developer interviews Assassin’s Creed hits Xbox 360 and PS3 with the PC version to come early 08.But was it really worth the wait? Simply put, NO!. … Continue reading