Monthly Archives: October 2005

Gamers Dream Display

A company called Viewsonic have released what many gamers would deem their dream display, it is a 19″ flat panel LCD display with a 3ms response time! Check out the full details here

Black and White 2

Check out this review of Black and white 2 click here

Droggamers still running!

Just to let you all know that the lan group in Drogheda is still running , the site is down and its been decided that we are going to buy a few hosty things (im really very technical) anyway , … Continue reading

Winter ‘Assaulted’, and left dying in the snow.

I feel it is not fair for my damning comments about Dawn of War: Winter Assault to be my final word on the recent add on from Thq. Having battled my way through (in about 2-3 feckin hours!!!!) the campaign … Continue reading

Hearts of Iron 2 – A Mega-lo-maniac’s Dream

As an old fan of the boardgame Axis & Allies I like to think I have an decent eye for good Strategy Games, and World War Era sims at that. Thankfully Hasbro Interactive gave us Axis & Allies again on … Continue reading